Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!


  I know it is the day after Valentine's Day (and this post was supposed to go out) - but yesterday was too crazy.  I found out that a dear friend and neighbor passed away after a long bout with cancer.  It puts things in perspective when you have news like that and I thought I would still go ahead and share some of my favorite Valentine Cards with you today.  The top three are by Snow & Graham and the bottom three are by Mr. Boddinton's Studio. Life lesson for the day: No matter what day it is, tell the ones you love that you're thinking about them and love them, because you never know what life may throw your way.


  1. Thanks for the life lesson and the sweet notes.

  2. So so sorry to hear that! Before I even read this post I was thinking that those cards are so great, they should just be kept in my stash of cards. Thanks for the reminder to always let those near and far know how much we care. You truly are the best at sending notes!