Friday, September 2, 2016

50 for $99 - Crane & Co. Sale

This fall Crane & Co. is having a stationery sale.  It is somewhat similar to a sale they had a couple of years ago.  It is 50 pieces of thermographed stationery for $99 and then if you want the return address on the envelope flap that is an additional $60.   It is a fun sale because customers are not overloaded with options.  There are 2 colors of card stock to choose from (white and ecru) and then 2 styles of card stock (flat card and a folded note).  Then you select from 8 ink colors and 13 type styles.  Boo - stationery order completed!

This would be the time to do some Christmas shopping.  Call or email me if you'd like to place an order.  The photo above it LITERALLY all of your options - so you could actually pick everything out right from this blog post.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sale Season!

There are a few sales that are taking place right now.  The first is that Page Stationery is offering 10% off of all custom stationery (digital and letterpress).  It is through this month, so you still have a few days to place the order.  

 The second is Julie Holcomb Printers is offering 15% off your holiday cards if you order before the end of September.  These cards are incredibly beautiful and make such a lasting statement.  I've written about Julie Holcomb before Here and Here

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Camp Stationery

It is that time of year again - summer!  
Time to order personalized stationery for your camper.  You can order camp specific stationery, with their camp name, tribe, camp colors, etc.  Or you can just select a cute design that they can use year round.  Camp stationery can be designed and printed within 4-5 business days.  You can select any quantity - as low as 10 up to as many as you want (the more you order the more cost effective it becomes).  A set of 10 printed cards with blank envelopes starts at $18.  I can also wrap and ship this to your camper!

Give me a call or shoot me an email and I can start designing your campers' stationery.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Best New Paper

 I am always on the hunt for fun wrapping paper that can be used for envelope liners (because that means that I don't have to design it and print it myself).  So let me tell you how stoked I was when I found the above wrapping paper.  The scale is perfect for stationery and let's be honest it's a great wrapping paper too.  If you want to buy any from me it is $8 a roll and it is a big roll.  With that being said, I immediately found a use for it.  

I think this is a fun combination of sweet and sassy and modern.  I think it is really going to be a versatile paper and am so excited about it.  Let me know if you want some!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year!
Lots going on to start the new year.  I am going to attempt to keep this super organized (and not ramble).
First there are wedding invitations sales
(for all of you who got engaged over the holidays).

 1.  Arzberger Stationers is offering 10% off all wedding invitations through the month of January

2.  William Arthur is offering buy 75 and get 25 wedding invitations for FREE through February. 
And they just debuted their new wedding invitation album. 

Next there are stationery sales - so you can start the new year with new stationery and get all your holiday thank you notes finished!
3.  Page Stationery is offering 10% off their digital and letterpressed personalized stationery this month
4.  Crane & Co. is having their annual engraving plate sale.  If you buy 100 pieces of stationery you get the engraving plate for free (usually it is $48).  This sale runs through February 21st. 


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Maximum Productivity

I am at my best when I am busy - so this time of year is my prime for productivity.  Here are a few shots of what I've been up to and none of this includes Christmas cards.  
I recently have ordered quite a few of the cute Santa placemats.  They were so cute I've actually placed an order for 2 for my little munchkins.  I think they are going to be pretty tickled with them.  Also, I always feel pretty virtuous when I order those placemats because it is a local company (Mayfly and Junebug).  

In addition to Christmas cards I've also done quite a few birthday party invitations.  I too have a December birthday, so I always try and make these invitations pretty special because it takes a special person to have a birthday in December!

Finally, as always I was thrilled to get my 2016 Graphic Image Calendar.  It is part of my nerdiness/memory problems that I still order a calendar that you write your appointments in.  I've said it once, I'll say it again - the phone calendar does not work for me.  This year I am not the only one who will have a Rose Gold calendar.  I'm hoping that means it will be indicative of the year to come (rose-y).  I love these calendars but Graphic Image makes so much more and they are amazing gifts: passport covers, photo albums, picture frames, hand bags, coasters, desk accessories.  They are all leather, made in the United States and can all be personalized.  

Let me know what you need!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gift Tags

One of my clients is REALLY on the ball this year.  She just ordered her Christmas gift tags for teacher gifts, etc.  Nice work!  I thought I would go ahead and post this and perhaps it would motivate us all... Perhaps?  
If you are not there yet - no worries, neither am I.  Maybe someday I will be that person who is organized and on the ball (like when my children are grown).  One can only hope.  Until then, we'll all just strive to do our best and be impressed with the people who have moments of incredible organization.  In the meantime, if there is anything I can do to help you get organized let me know.  I am much better helping others be organized than implementing this in my own life.