Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Tooth

The diet coke I'm drinking right now is not really taking care of my sweet tooth.  I took some friends of mine to Hey Cupcake yesterday and am wishing that I had one right now.  It's probably a good thing I can't have one right now.  Happy Monday!

Friday, April 23, 2010


In honor of our new addition!
A few poodle items from some of our favorite vendors. 
Who's ready for a pink poodle party?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too Much Fun

So I've been horrible about my posts.  But last Tuesday I left for New Orleans to Anna & Rob's wedding - which was AWESOME.  So much fun - the best 6-day weekend I've had in years.  Visit my friend Lauren's blog (NOLA West) to view a few photos from the fun weekend. 

We got back on Sunday evening.  Then Monday we got our new puppy!.  His name is Turley and he is an 18 week Standard Poodle.  He is my little shop dog these days (as I feel guilty leaving him at home all day).

He sleeps under my desk (as shown in the top photo).  Someday very soon he'll actually have a bed as opposed to an old towel.  My bad - but I didn't have time before I left for New Orleans to get his "home away from home" all ready for him. But I've picked it out.

These dog beds by Lazybones Beds are the cutest.  I'm going to do the "Natchez" style for work and the "New Orleans" in the green for home.  They are by-far the most attractive dog beds I've ever seen.  I'm sure Turley will adore his new beds.  

Then when he gets a little bigger he'll definitely "need" this Sailor Knot Collar by My Mascot.  I had to buy a small puppy size collar for him in the interim.  But I love these collars.

 They come in all sorts of fabulous colors.  I have to select a color that will be appropriate for a boy and stand out on the black fur. 

Obviously, no expense spared for our new 4-legged shop dog/baby.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Fever

Perhaps it's because of the weather, or because next week at this time I'll be in New Orleans - but I think that I'm having Senioritis.  I should probably call it Spring Fever as opposed to Senioritis.  Remember that feeling when you were a senior (high school or college, take your pick) and the end was in sight.  (Note: my love of bamboo shining through again)

The weather was for playing and not for staying inside and studying.  You knew all your hard work was about to pay off and you could finally relax some (and not work quite so hard).  I have that feeling now.  Except I'm not not in school, not graduating and summer still equates to work days. 

What's wrong with me?  Good thing I have a vacation coming up...

Because I still have 5 full work days before I leave town and lot's that needs to get done, I am going to focus and work hard.  I'll make a master "To Do" list and start checking things off. 

In the meantime, I'll enjoy all the fabulous spring invitations we have and enjoy helping others plan fun spring-time parties, weddings, gradutation parties and end-of-school parties.  Then I'll go to New Orleans, see my friends, have tons of fun and then come back to Austin (where I'll probably then need a relaxing vacation from my vacation). 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mariposa Trays

A few of the items I ordered at the Atlanta Gift Market in January were initially back ordered.  So these back ordered items have been slowly trickling into the store. Don't ask me why, but when they actually arrive in the store I get really excited and feel like they are a gift.  Yes, I know that I selected them and also paid for them - but it is like the feeling of putting on an old coat and then finding $5 in the pocket.  Even though it was always your $5 it somehow feels like a free gift.  Well, this pewter and enamel palm frond tray is one of those back ordered "gifts". 

It is made by Mariposa and I think it is so pretty and so spring time.  The underneath side and stem are pewter and then the inside of the palm frond is a perfect green enamel.  I unwrapped it and immediately wanted it for my own home.  It would be a great fruit bowl or even just a statement piece on a table. 

The other item is this bamboo and "woven" looking tray.  Anyone whose been in my house knows that I have  a small obsession with bamboo items. I try really hard not to buy every bamboo piece I see - I just really like it.  Not surprisingly I'd like this tray too!  As good looking as this tray is, it would also be incredibly practical too - for fruit, bread, cookies even as an accessory tray in a bathroom.  What a great wedding gift this would be!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Open House

Yesterday afternoon, Hayden Avery hosted an open house for Austin area wedding and event coordinators.  It was very much a combined effort.  Obviously, we created the invitation and provided cocktail napkins with our logo on them. 

Bethany, at 36th Street Events, helped us organize and get our guest list together.  Mandola's provided us with wonderful food (and even Dr. Mark appreciated the leftovers last night).  Our own sweet Natalie, who has Blanche Bakes, baked us delicious cookies with "HA" on them in icing (yummy)!  Last, but certainly not least - Our good friends at Verbena created a wonderous arrangement for us (pictured above).   

I was so excited when the driver for Verbena brought the arrangement  in the store yesterday afternoon.  I was even giddy seeing that beautiful arrangement when I walked in this morning!  I love it and wish it would last forever.  No, I don't know what it is - but I certainly appreciate it. 

Many thanks to all who helped.