Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too Much Fun

So I've been horrible about my posts.  But last Tuesday I left for New Orleans to Anna & Rob's wedding - which was AWESOME.  So much fun - the best 6-day weekend I've had in years.  Visit my friend Lauren's blog (NOLA West) to view a few photos from the fun weekend. 

We got back on Sunday evening.  Then Monday we got our new puppy!.  His name is Turley and he is an 18 week Standard Poodle.  He is my little shop dog these days (as I feel guilty leaving him at home all day).

He sleeps under my desk (as shown in the top photo).  Someday very soon he'll actually have a bed as opposed to an old towel.  My bad - but I didn't have time before I left for New Orleans to get his "home away from home" all ready for him. But I've picked it out.

These dog beds by Lazybones Beds are the cutest.  I'm going to do the "Natchez" style for work and the "New Orleans" in the green for home.  They are by-far the most attractive dog beds I've ever seen.  I'm sure Turley will adore his new beds.  

Then when he gets a little bigger he'll definitely "need" this Sailor Knot Collar by My Mascot.  I had to buy a small puppy size collar for him in the interim.  But I love these collars.

 They come in all sorts of fabulous colors.  I have to select a color that will be appropriate for a boy and stand out on the black fur. 

Obviously, no expense spared for our new 4-legged shop dog/baby.

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