Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Perhaps when I said that I was going to be in-and-out this month I should have just said, mostly out.  Today I came in to the office to pay bills and catch-up on paperwork.  When I arrived I had lots of personalized Polar Bear Coolers here to greet me.  Quite a few girls have ordered them for their dates for Texas vs. OU weekend.
What lucky dates!  

Until next time...
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I owe this card to the majority of my friends right now.  I have so much going on and my friends are so good and patient with me.  It's good to have good friends (I realize that is stating the obvious).  I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get done this month - so I'm asking that you all are patient too.  I'll be be back - but for the month of September I'll be in-and-out.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pica Press Holiday Special

Hope you all had a WONDERUL weekend!  I did - but it is hard to have a bad time in San Francisco and Napa... 

Back to the "real world.
Another holiday special from one of our vendors!
Pica Press is offering 10% off their holiday cards in the months of September and October.  They just updated their Holiday album with great photo card options.  They have wonderful, vibrantly colored holiday cards and they can print your photo directly on the card or they will even print actual photos on photo paper for you card.

Also, check out this article about Hayden Avery HERE