Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spotlight on Fontaine Maury

Last Friday one of our vendors, Fontaine Maury, featured Hayden Avery on their blog. I was very flattered that they asked for photos and to feature us. Because I'm still feeling the love, I thought I would go ahead and spotlight just of few of the things they do (and use some of the photos they did not use).

Fontaine Maury's made great stationery, stickers, stamps, place mats and plates for a while. The plates are a big hit at Hayden Avery. After their initial set of more kid-friendly designs on the plates they came out with some more mature designs, like a Greek-key border. Last year they extended their colorful line to include more gifts. Fontaine Maury now makes personalized mouse pads, clipboards, water bottles, sippy bottles, coasters, trays and luggage tags.

All of these items come in great patterns (like the trellis pattern on the plate and place mat) and personalization options. They are also a great price range, so you can find something for everyone. Check out Fontaine Maury's blog: http://blog.fontainemaury.com/

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Custom Monograms by Caroline Brackenridge

Back in October I posted a few pictures of some beautiful stationery that we'd done for a customer of ours. The customer had a women in New York design custom monograms for her family members (click HERE to read that post). Well, months later, I thought I would share just a few of my favorite monograms by this monogram designer, Caroline Brackenridge.

Caroline Brackenridge's company is called Monograms Inc. The monogram possibilities are endless as you can see on Caroline Brackenridge's very thorough website http://www.monograminc.com/. Her fabulous designs are shown on all different items from cocktail napkins, towels and bed linens to match books.

I ADORE this match book and the monogram on it! I guess I should have started this post by explaining how much I love a monogram on just about anything. Caroline Brackenridge's website is my kind of "candy shop".

I think that having to select just one of her monograms for my own linens and personal stationery might possibly be one of the most torturous choices. How could you ever select just one. This is one of those instances where I think I "need" multiple homes so that I could indeed select multiple monograms.

I think that this single letter initial would be very pretty on table linens. I am also drawn to it as blue is my favorite color and these colors would complement my china.

Finally, how fabulous would it be to be able to use your custom monogram on menus at a dinner party. Until I have my own, I'll have to vicariously live through my clients in helping them select ways to use their custom monograms. Indulge yourself today and take a ten minute break (or 30 minutes as in my case) and check out Caroline Brackenridge's wonderful website.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Things from Atlanta

I had no intention of taking such a hiatus from blogging (sporadic as it is). The store was closed the week between Christmas and New Years. I know that sounds like a nice break, however, I was still here doing inventory. Luckily, I was able to convince my mother to help me. She was a work horse and we got a lot accomplished. Then the days after New Years I was able to convince Dr. Mark (the husband) to help me finish inventory. He was very good too! Last weekend I went to Atlanta to the Gift & Home market. I think I was pretty successful thanks to the assistance of my neighbor, Annie.

Although we currently carry Seda France (an Austin based company) we did not carry the diffeusers. Now we do! Deciding what new scents to get in the candles and diffeusers was much like selecting nail polish colors for me. It is really hard to decide whether to get the ones that have pretty boxes or smell good. Luckily, Seda France really doesn't have any scents I dislike. Because Seda France is in Austin, I got my order yesterday. So we now have a pretty (and colorful) display of new Seda France Candles and Diffeusers.

I also was able to order some more party tubs and party bins from Bungalow. They don't actually make the party tubs and bins anymore - which is a shame, because they are wonderful. The fact that you can fold these up and easily store them in a closet makes them the smartest party tubs. However, I was able to order some of their last ones.

Additionally, I ordered lap top cases & "Trash Cache" from Bungalow - which are in great new colors and patterns. I thought the laptop cases would be great graduation gifts. The "Trash Cache" is just a fun and practical gift. 'Ol Dr. Mark is going to get a "Trash Cache" to replace the laundry basket that he has had since we met (in 2001). Needless to say, after 9+ years his laundry basket isn't looking too good. But in the laundry basket's defense it works hard (as it is Never empty) - Dr. Mark does his own laundry (he does he laundry about as frequently as I blog).
Hope you all are settling into 2010!