Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spotlight on Fontaine Maury

Last Friday one of our vendors, Fontaine Maury, featured Hayden Avery on their blog. I was very flattered that they asked for photos and to feature us. Because I'm still feeling the love, I thought I would go ahead and spotlight just of few of the things they do (and use some of the photos they did not use).

Fontaine Maury's made great stationery, stickers, stamps, place mats and plates for a while. The plates are a big hit at Hayden Avery. After their initial set of more kid-friendly designs on the plates they came out with some more mature designs, like a Greek-key border. Last year they extended their colorful line to include more gifts. Fontaine Maury now makes personalized mouse pads, clipboards, water bottles, sippy bottles, coasters, trays and luggage tags.

All of these items come in great patterns (like the trellis pattern on the plate and place mat) and personalization options. They are also a great price range, so you can find something for everyone. Check out Fontaine Maury's blog: http://blog.fontainemaury.com/


  1. Thanks for the blog *love* - I was so thrilled to see photos of the store. I wish I could come visit!