Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mariposa Trays

A few of the items I ordered at the Atlanta Gift Market in January were initially back ordered.  So these back ordered items have been slowly trickling into the store. Don't ask me why, but when they actually arrive in the store I get really excited and feel like they are a gift.  Yes, I know that I selected them and also paid for them - but it is like the feeling of putting on an old coat and then finding $5 in the pocket.  Even though it was always your $5 it somehow feels like a free gift.  Well, this pewter and enamel palm frond tray is one of those back ordered "gifts". 

It is made by Mariposa and I think it is so pretty and so spring time.  The underneath side and stem are pewter and then the inside of the palm frond is a perfect green enamel.  I unwrapped it and immediately wanted it for my own home.  It would be a great fruit bowl or even just a statement piece on a table. 

The other item is this bamboo and "woven" looking tray.  Anyone whose been in my house knows that I have  a small obsession with bamboo items. I try really hard not to buy every bamboo piece I see - I just really like it.  Not surprisingly I'd like this tray too!  As good looking as this tray is, it would also be incredibly practical too - for fruit, bread, cookies even as an accessory tray in a bathroom.  What a great wedding gift this would be!

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