Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Little Turley Lagniappe

So you know that I try not to post too much about Turley, our little shop dog. But, it's Saturday and it's quiet in the store - so I'll use that as the excuse.  So many months ago I wrote this post - click HERE.  It was about a Christmas gift for Dr. Mark, that Patricia at PVE Designs was going to help me with. Well, I told you it was a quiet morning - so I was just catching up with my blog reading and found these on Patricia's blog!...

That's right - I had Patricia do portraits of Turley for Dr. Mark for Christmas!  I thought Patricia would just select one photo - so you can only imagine how excited I was when I received 2 portraits of Turley.  I thought I would show you the photos I sent her so you can see what it was based off of.  Didn't she do a phenomenal job?  

Just in case you are wondering where this is - that's right, it is in the car.  He loves his spot in the car.  Sometimes I literally have to drag him out of the car.  Which is not a lot of fun when I am in a hurry and he is comfortable.  The previous picture is in front of the store. 

Aren't they Awesome (with a capital A)!  When Dr. Mark unwrapped them on Christmas morning he was SUPER surprised and excited. I now consider Turley famous since he has been featured on Patricia's blog. Thank you so much Patricia for making my man and my Christmas a happy one! Check out the Turley post HERE

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  1. Leah-
    Oh, thank-you! Love to have you as a "pve design" sponsor or to host a give-away on my blog. Perhaps something for Valentine's or a gift of paper....I have a feeling if I lived nearby, I would be a frequent visitor in your shop.