Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good Mail Day

I have an idea for a Christmas gift for Dr. Mark - I can't tell you what it is though.  Last week I sent an email to Patricia of PVE Design to see if she could potentially help me out with this "secret" gift idea.  She quickly responded to my email and then I hadn't emailed her back (yet).  Today when the mail came, there was a hand addressed letter to me (in very lovely handwriting).  Everyday at work and at home I pray that I get something better than bills or bank statements - so this literally made me super excited to have something hand addressed.  When I opened the letter is was a lovely hand written note from Patricia on GREAT letterpressed stationery as well as samples of some of Patricia's work.  Everything about this mail made my day (and I even finally responded to her email).
1.  The samples are lovely and very helpful.
2.  I love when someone has an appreciation for nice stationery.
3.  I love the letterpressed logo all across the flap of the envelope.
4.  I love getting hand written notes.
4.  I love getting hand written notes with pretty handwriting 
on really nice stationery the best!

Thanks for making my day Patricia!

1 comment:

  1. Thank-you! I too love happy mail. Something other than junk mail, a statement or a bill. I truly believe that we are missing the personal touch with everything being computer generated. I would love to be in on your secret gift.
    Happy Autumn,