Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hung On Words

I was going to just post a picture of this cute
7" x 5" Halloween hang-up today.
But then I realized that I've never really posted anything
about this vendor and I think their
products are truly special. 

 The woman that paints these by hand is Denise Copp and her company is called Hung On Words.
She paints door signs, house numbers, wall plaques, an array of trays, key chains, magnets and more! 

This small oval tray is actually mine.
I received it as a gift a couple of years ago, much to my delight. 
She has about 3 different oval size trays
and about 3 different round size trays.  

This is a sample of her large round tray, which measures 18".  
It is a great size!
I think that the large trays make beautiful wedding gifts. 
The smaller trays would be perfect for bridesmaids gifts.
When selecting a tray you can choose what kind of font/monogram you would like
as well as what paint colors you would like. 

You can even send her a paint chip or fabric swatch if you would like your tray or wall art to coordinate with the decor. Denise has such a talent and an eye - she literally can match fabric swatches exactly!

The holidays are around the corner - time to start adding to your "wish list"!

She can even do some furniture pieces...

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