Monday, October 11, 2010

Donovan Designs

One of our favorite vendors for notepads is Donovan Designs.

Today on Donovan Designs' Blog Hayden Avery was featured! 
I figured I'd continue the love and
post just a few of my favorites of theirs. 

Their notepads are great and come in a
TON of design options and then 3 different sizes to select from.
So, the reality is there is a size and design
for just about every taste and preference. 

In addition to their regular notepads
they also have homework and chore charts,
baby sitter notes and pet sitter notes. 

They also have an array of Vinyl Labels (ie - water resistant)
that are great for lunch boxes, folders, gift stickers and more. 

Thanks to Donovan Designs for featuring Hayden Avery on their blog!

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