Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lily Of The Valley

Last Spring Dr. Mark and I went to Martha's Vineyard.  It was such a fabulous trip.  Great weather, the beach and lobster - what more could you want out of a vacation?  One of the days that we were riding bikes I saw Lily of the Valley growing in a person's yard.  Lily of the Valley is one of my favorite flowers.  But being from Texas, I'd never actually seen it grow.  So I stopped and took a picture.  I love this picture.  The picture reminds me of spring and being on vacation...

Lily of the Valley is such a sweet flower.  I love the way that Ann Marie Murray painted it in this pierced dish that we have in the store right now.  This is one many things in the store that I am tempted to bring home with me.  It is so delicate and I'd love to have it on my bedside table.  I'll save it for a "real" customer though.  

This wedding invitation is a Julie Holcomb letterpressed invitation.  I've always really liked this invitation with the Lily of the Valley in the background.  It is the perfect color of green and the texture of the card stock and the letterpress is so rich.  It is no coincidence that that the card stock and letterpress is just perfect - Julie Holcomb goes to the mill where they make her cardstock to make sure that it is milled to her specifications.  She has really perfected the art of Letterpress.  Julie Holcomb has all the coordinating pieces to go with this invitation as well - place cards, stationery, gift enclosures.  

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