Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bachelorette Recovery

I am finally posting the other "surprises" from the bachelorette party.  Take note it is Wednesday - I needed a couple days to play catch-up (and recover).  In keeping with the "Glamour Shot" theme of the invitations, I made stickers!  Obviously pretty large stickers.  We adhered the Glamour Shot stickers to Champagne bottles. 

This is a close-up of one of the bottles of Champagne.  The photo was larger than a wallet sized photo.  You can guess how "excited" she was to see her face on Champagne. 

I also had cocktail napkins made for the Champagne toast, as well as to take to the restaurant to use.  I think that personalized cocktail napkins are a fun and inexpensive party detail.  They were pink and very girly - as was appropriate for a Glamour Shot themed bachelorette party. 

Being the responsible girls that we are - we bought a case of water so that no one was parched (disregard the Corona in the background of this photo).  We went ahead and put a Glamour Shot sticker on each of the water bottles (also, sorry about the reflection in this photo).  It was like having a little piece of Anna all night! 

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