Monday, August 29, 2011

New from Julie Holcomb Printers

Julie Holcomb Printers, which was established in 1982, is located in Emeryville, California.  Julie Holcomb has been doing letterpress printing for the past 25 years and is a fore runners in the surge of popularity of letterpress printing for invitations and stationery.  I actually had the pleasure of meeting Julie many years ago in New Orleans (that's why I think that I can refer to her by just her first name).  She is very much an artist and speaks softly, but passionately about her trade.  Her papers, which are 100% cotton, are milled to her specifications.  Her invitations and stationery are always lovely and understated.

At the end of last week I received a box from Julie Holcomb Printers with all sorts of new goodies.  One new item is a "Royal" sized invitation (6" x 7 5/8").   In addition, they have now come out with envelope liners - and when I say envelope liners, I mean a huge selection of colors and textures and patterns.  You can see the "Lines" pattern in the above Lilly Green liner. 

 Finally, to add to their huge selection of edging colors, they have come out with Dark Gray, Blue, Kelly Green and Mahogany edgings.  Edgings are something that can't really be seen on a computer screen (which is why I can never imagine trying to order invitations or stationery on-line).  The above invitation has a beautiful Pewter edging, it's a shame I can't really show it.  You may wonder what font is on this invitaiton - it's no font.  It is calligraphy by Maria-Helena Hoksch, who lives in New Orleans and actually did the calligraphy for my wedding invitation!  She is a wonderfully talented women as well.  A master copy of the hand calligraphed text was sent to Julie Holcomb Printers so that they could then letterpress it.  In addition, it looks like Maria-Helena (who I really do call by her first name) did the bride and grooms initials which were then letterpressed into the envelope liner.  What's not to love about this invitation?

I Loved it so much I had to show you the
reply card and envelope as well as the reception card. 
Even if you are not in the market for wedding invitations you should stop by to look at all of these invitations in person.  They are each striking in their own way and the craftsmanship is so lovely.  Click HERE to visit Julie Holcomb Printers website. 

All of this makes me want some Julie Holcomb stationery (which I don't "need") - maybe as a gift to myself for Christmas...

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