Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Advertising on Style Me Pretty

I would love to tell you all that the reason I have not been good at blogging recently is because I've been insanely busy.  The truth is I've been hot and lazy.  The store AC unit has not been cooperating with the 105 +/- degree temperatures - so it's been averaging about 80 degrees in the store in the late afternoons.  When sitting indoors at 80 degrees all productivity comes to a stand still (at least for me).  They (the landlord) is replacing the unit in the next day or two - yippee!!!  The true test will be if I am any more productive once the store is cool...

This morning I had a fun project though!  I'm going to be an advertiser on Style Me Pretty Texas and so I worked on an ad.  I came up with the 3 above options and let the staff at Style Me Pretty select the one that they thought would be the best.  It was super fun and a little challenging to design something so small that got the point across and made an impact.
Click here to find out which one they selected.

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