Monday, August 15, 2011

Hayden Avery Ring Dish

I am super excited to present a Hayden Avery exclusive -
a hand painted (by Ann Marie Murray) ring dish in the Hayden Avery signature blue!  I ordered these back in January and am thrilled to have them (obviously it's time consuming to hand paint 20 ring dishes by hand).

I've blogged about Ann Marie Murray and her hand painted items before (Here and Here).  We sell so many of her ring dishes and I know that there is another store here in Austin that does too.  So I asked Ann Marie if she could make a ring dish in the Hayden Avery blue and she was so sweet to say yes. If you know anyone who's recently engaged or just needs a sussy - this is the perfect gift. 

P.S. - ended up closing the store early on Thursday (as it got up to 90 degrees in the store).  So Friday I was playing catch-up.  Good news is our new compressor works very well!
Hope you all are having a good start to your week.

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