Friday, April 8, 2011

TGIF - No, Seriously

I know that typically on Fridays I feature one of the store's in-house boxed invitations.  Well, today is a departure from that...  Today is one of those Fridays that I am SO thankful for.  Perhaps it started on Wednesday, when I thought it was Thursday.  Therefore thinking for most of the day that the next day was my much anticipated Friday.  So I literally feel like I have been waiting for Friday for days.  It's been a hectic week, needless to say.  The bright spot of my day has been getting my Jack Rogers replacement sandals!  Yep - that's right, I put them on as soon as James (the UPS driver) dropped them off.  

If you are wondering why they are replacement sandals, it's because this cute little guy, Mr. Turley, decided one night that he liked my Jack Rogers sandals as much as I did.  That's right - he ate them!  I am super happy to have a new pair!   I will be keeping these on the top shelf of my closet so he cannot get to them.  Speaking of  Mr. Turley... 

This is literally what he is doing right this second.  He is completely exhausted because a child just chased him around the store for 20 minutes barking at him.  Yes - the child was barking at the dog.  Poor guy - he deserves this nap.  We're both happy it's Friday!  At least Turley will get the day off tomorrow. 

I hope you all have a most wonderful and relaxing weekend.  I apologize from my departure of actual store product related topics.  Oh well, keeps it interesting, right? 

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