Monday, April 18, 2011

Julia B. - Custom Linens

One of the vendors whose products I very much admired in January at market was Julia B.   I liked their products so much that I saved their product postcard and put it in my "Vendors of Interest" folder (yes I really do hold on to some of my favorites that I can't always justify buying at the moment).  It's hard not to shop for yourself at market - as many of you know or can imagine. 

On Saturday I received the newest House Beautiful where they featured the above pictured Julia B. cocktail napkins in their "the best" section.  It reminded me of the flyer I'd put in my files.  

Today I pulled the product post card and went and visited their website and fell in love with their products again.  Julia Berger began Julia B. in 2008 and although it is a somewhat small company, they have a large global footprint.  These monogrammed hemstitched cocktail napkins in all the fun colors make me so happy.  

Not surprisingly I liked the "L" on this pillow sham.   Would love to have some pretty pillow shams on my bed 
(I'm sure Turley would love them too). 

I also really liked these lovely lavender and white shams with the double scallopped edge.  Once again, this only goes to show that I am a fool for monogrammed linens of any kind.  

Check out their website - they have great stuff and Julia's personal and work like are reflected in her products!  Maybe someday I'll even get it in the store. 

Photo Credits: House Beautiful and Julia B. Website


  1. pretty linens- nice site too. I think I will ask Santa to bring me something from Julia B.

  2. Love those!!! You definitely need them in the store. Esp. the cocktail napkins. I wouldn't mind those L shams either :)