Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Perfect Christmas Gift

Isn't the wreath on the front door of the store festive looking? Every morning when I pull up to the store those bows make me happy. Yes, I wore bows in my hair when I was little.

So in the midst of helping other people get ready for the Holidays and trying to get my extended family's gifts shipped out, I realize that I really don't have anything for my husband... Luckily for me, he doesn't read my blog - so he doesn't know I don't have anything. You may be thinking - how can you not have anything for your husband, especially since you own a store? It is a good question. However, I always think that I am going to find the "perfect" gift - which may not exist in Hayden Avery. But I don't even know what that perfect gift is this year. Last year it was a golf club. So he may end up with a bunch of random things from Hayden Avery - unless I think of something wonderful quickly. I wish he wanted some monogrammed linens from Galante or new stationery - we would have been set then. I personally would love some monogrammed Galante shams for the pillows on our bed.

Maybe in the new year! I clearly have a case of the wants.

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