Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let the count down begin...

The holidays are in full swing and the cold weather here in Austin certainly helps it feel like the holidays. We are still busy helping clients design their Holiday cards. One of the fun aspects in helping design holiday cards is getting to see our clients' family photos. But this is coming from the person that really enjoys looking at other peoples' Christmas cards - even if I don't know the families. Yes - I am the person that comes to your house and goes through your stack of Christmas cards. I can't help it!

The above card is by Prentiss Douthit and they had some of my very favorite holiday cards this year. One of the more unique things they did was to layer photo paper with both the photo and greeting printed printed on it and mount it on matte card stock. It was a great look, and needless to say, the photos look fabulous. Let me also take a moment to say, Prentiss Douthit's sample photos in their album are also great. Some other vendors are not as thoughtful when selecting sample photos for their albums. I mean have you ever since such cute children?

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