Friday, August 21, 2015

Little Boy Blue

Wow - I have to say I had no idea that it had been almost a month since I had posted here! Yikes.  Well, here goes.  Good news is that I've been busy.  Even better news is that my twins started nursery school this week, which means that I have really been getting some work done (umm - like a blog post...).  
Loving this "school" thing!  

One of the projects I completed this week was for a client who had ordered 2 baby boy gifts.  She wanted simple, clean and classic.  So I basically did theme and variation on stationery and calling cards.  Both orders are on white card stock and the stationery has a light blue backing card.  I love adding backing cards because it gives the card stock such heft, but it still subtle color.  For one of the boys I did a monogram and name combination and the other I used a bunny motif.  I think that stationery and calling cards is such a great personal and practical gift.  I love to give this as birthday gifts for little people too (because who needs more plastic toys at this point?).  

I have not actually notified my client that these are completed, because she herself had a baby the other night.  I figure this is probably pretty low on their priority list right now.  HA!  

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