Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bachelorette Fun

I recently created some super fun bachelorette party invitations for one of my sweet customers, whose sister is the girl of the hour.  When she came in the store she knew she wanted something clean and sophisticated looking, but still fun.  She selected some of her sister's favorite colors to use as the "theme" of the weekend.  We used navy and hot pink ink on a white card that was then backed with hot pink and pool backer.  We then lined the envelope in a Snow & Graham paper.  I love a lined envelope - and I think it really adds to the overall look of the invitation.

She also ordered plastic cups (for around the pool) and we used the same fonts as the invitations.  I can't get enough of a good "to-go" cup.  Especially ones that bring back fun memories.  So in addition to being practical for this party - the cups also served as a party favor.  

Finally, the bride had seen this seahorse on some stationery, so her sweet sister ordered the cocktail napkins for her bachelorette weekend too.  The color combination tied in with the invitation & cups and we used the same font for her name too.  Looking at all of this together makes me want to throw a party! 

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