Monday, September 28, 2015

Family Stationery

Last week I finished some stationery for a dear friend of mine (who gives me carte blanche to design what I would like).  I know that one of her favorite colors is read, so I usually try to incorporate red somewhere.  She needed stationery for her family.  Then her 2 girls are learning to write, so she wanted some fill-in notes for them.  For the family stationery I used red and a greyish-blue ink and then printed a corresponding envelope liner.  Then for the girls I tried to do something a little more grown-up for the 1st grader (lavender and grey ink on the note card and a grey envelope).  Then I designed something a little more whimsical for the pre-schooler (hearts) - her birthday is in December, so I thought the red would be a nod to the holidays too.  Well, this family will be set for a while! 

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