Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Flip Flop Inspiration

One of my long-time favorite clients emailed me recently for her daughter's 8th birthday party invitations.  She sent me a picture of these flip flops that she had purchased as party favors and then told me the girls were doing a "spa" day with their American Girl Dolls.  She was thinking she would like to incorporate hearts on the invitation...

So this was what we came up with.  What 8 year old doesn't like rainbow hearts?  I used the colors on the flip flops to guide the colors on the invitation (the colors on the invitation are actually more vivid in person than this photo - technology?!?).  The back of the invitation has all the large hearts and when it is put in the envelope they show through the addressing side as heart silhouettes.  I'll also get to do tags to tie on the flip flops as well as cocktail napkins - so fun!  

Moral of the story - sometimes all you need is a flip flop for your party invitation's inspiration!

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