Sunday, May 17, 2015

I'm Back!

After more than 10 years in our retail boutique a new chapter is upon us.  Thursday, May 7th was the last day of business in the store front.  I decided to make our last day in the store $1 day and it was a crazy last day!  Last week we cleaned, had furniture pick-up, donated what was left over of our inventory to Helping Hand and Settlement Home and then I moved the business to my home.  I am still trying to get my home "office" organized, but at least the computer is up and running and I have a few projects I am working on (a wedding program, a 3rd birthday party invitaiton and some stationery and calling card for a family).  

So, with that being said - I am ready to start taking orders!  Call or email me and we can start working on something or we can schedule some time to meet.  I still have all the custom albums and am still designing and printing custom invitations and stationery.  Basically, it is the same service and selection you had in the store (but I'm at my house).  The following is my new contact information:
Hayden Avery Fine Stationery
email: hafinestationery(at)
phone: 512-799-4164

Many thanks for your years of loyalty.  I look forward to continuing work with you in this new chapter.

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