Saturday, February 23, 2013

Little Girls Stationery

One of my dearest friends called the other day for 2 reasons:
1.  Did I want her childrens' booster seats that they had out grown
2.  Could I do some cards she could attach to birthday party gifts & matching stationery for her daughters

Obviously the answers to both were YES!!!  I should add here that my friend is so dear to me because she takes such good care of me and my family and because she is THE easiest client to work for.  She gives me creative license with most of her family's stationery needs - it is really fun for me.  So, with all of that being said, I designed the above calling card and stationery for her 2 year-old.  I hope Betsy likes it!  The next time Betsy needs cards to attach to birthday gifts she'll probably have her own opinion and likes and want to pick them out her self. 

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