Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Invitation Impact

When our mother's got married there was really only one kind of wedding invitation.  It was Crane & Co. (as they happen to be the oldest stationery company in the United States) and was usually white or ecru card stock with black ink.  Now the sky is the limit for wedding invitations.  There are so many companies, designers, printing processes, ink colors and looks.  Most brides that have come in recently want something "different" and "whimsical".  Don't get me wrong - I love helping to design fun wedding invitations.  However, I think that a really traditional wedding invitation makes such an impact now that there are so many options.  I was so happy to see this wedding invitation (which I'm sure is a Crane & Co. invitation) on Style Me Pretty today.  The whole wedding appears to be lovely as well. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Elise B. Photography

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