Monday, January 16, 2012

Reprinting Stationery

I love reprinting stationery for customers for several reasons.
1.  It makes me happy when someone likes their stationery enough to order more of the exact same. It's even more flattering when a child wants the same exact thing - because let's face it, their interests can change quite frequently.  I relate - I'm not sure I'm that kind of person that could reorder the same exact stationery again - I love to change it up.  
2.  It is SO super easy on our end to pull the card stock and reprint stationery.  As long as we have the card stock in-house it only takes us a day to reprint (because the hard work is done).   It is also so cost effective to reprint because there are no set-up fees (that's already been paid for).  
So this morning I reprinted the above stationery for a precious customer of ours and I was so happy to do it!
Hope you all have a good Monday
and hopefully some of you are off!

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