Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random Wednesday Thoughts

I've been so bad at blogging this fall - it's been a crazy one.  Excuses, excuses!  Today I have a little time to actually sit down and catch-up.  So prepare yourself - this is a random one...

One of things I like most about the holidays here at Hayden Avery is smelling our holiday wreath when people come in-and-out of the store.  It feels so festive and indulgent to have a real wreath on our door.  This years wreath is weathering a lot better than last years since it's been a cooler December (click HERE to see last year's wreath).  I have a big wreath on my front porch at home - but we use our back door so much that I rarely smell it.  So it still feels like a treat every morning when I walk into the store. 

I just unpacked a customer's invitations that were being printed by English Paper Company.  They have updated their packaging and I am loving it.  It kinda makes your eyes crazy - but it is so fun and makes your invitations and stationery feel that much more special.  I can't wait for the customer to see her invitations (and the boxes they come in).  It's all about the little things and these are the kind of little things I love!

Last weekend was my birthday "weekend".  It was pretty uneventful but good.  Dr. Mark got me a combo birthday and Christmas gift (yes that happens a lot now that I'm older).  The mirror!  I love it and can't complain about my "combo" gift.  I've been working to get my house in order for a little party I'm having this evening.  I spent a lot of the weekend working on getting my Christmas decorations up and my living room feels pretty "finished" now that I actually have something above the fire place.  For a year it has just had the blank spot between the sconces (I got the sconces last year for Christmas).  The other part of this photo is the enormous bow that is under the right sconce.  Andrea and I made the bow at the store the other day (when we were slow) so that I would have a gold bow for my Christmas Tree.  It was awesome - we watched a youtube video on "how to make a bow for the top of your tree".  Andrea did the majority and I was the "assistant".  It looks awesome on my tree though.  So - if anyone has wired ribbon and wants to have a bow made for the top of their Christmas tree now you know where to come...

I told you this was a random post.
But I felt like we had a little catching up to do. 
Happy Wednesday - I hope the rest of your week flies by.
Oh and for the record -
no my Christmas shopping is not done (at all). 

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