Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Market Madness

Sorry to leave you hanging with my Stationery Show teaser and then no follow-up to my trip.  

New York was great and the National Stationery Show was a success.  I checked just about everything off my list of "wants/needs".  One of the challenges is that I had to purchase most of my Holiday/Christmas needs (which is obviously a challenge, because it was May).  So - here are a few of the items that I got that are NOT holiday.  Jonathan Adler has teamed up with Lifeguard Press to do a line of paper and party products.  I ordered these cocktail napkins, as I adore them and I thought they would be super fun for all sorts of summer events.

Again, Lifeguard Press has Lilly Pulitzer Designs.  This  fun chandelier invitation is one I believe could be used for an informal party or with the right font a more formal gathering.  I know that not everyone has the strong love for Lilly I do and this invitation doesn't scream Lilly.  It's also blue so obviously I love it!

These are some Lilly cocktail napkins I would love for summer cocktail fun...
I'll share more later.

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